Former intern with The Columbus Dispatch now on Washington Post’s DOJ beat

Newspaper reporters with The New York Times and Washington Post have found themselves in back-to-back scoops this past week after the James Comey firing fallout.


File photo from The Columbus Dispatch

One in particular stood out to The Columbus Dispatch. Probably because he used to intern with them about a decade ago.

According to the Dispatch, Matt Zapotosky – who now covers the Department of Justice with The Post – joined the Dispatch in 2006 as an intern. He attended Ohio University.

Theodore Decker joined the Ohio paper the same year that Matt joined as an intern. During Theodore’s 11 years at the Dispatch, he wrote:

I have a short mental list of the interns who stood out, who possessed the skill, talent and work ethic that suggested they were indeed going places.

In my 11 years at the paper, Matt has remained at the top of my list.

Theodore said he joined Matt on his first story which took place at a “snoozer” news conference at Ohio State University. Despite the presser being monotone, Matt reporter, “thoroughly and wrote well. He didn’t showboat, and he cared about balance.”

During the summer of 2006, Matt wrote about violent crimes, police drug seizures and a ferret beauty pageant, according to the Dispatch.

Matt was hired by The Post after graduation.

Theodore caught up with him recently and asked Matt what it was like to cover one of the biggest political stories.

His response: Honestly, it mostly feels stressful.

Learn more about Matt here.


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