Student submits resume via Snapchat, and lands internship

A job applications page isn’t the only way to submit your resume.

One student at San Francisco State University decided to give Snapchat a try.

tpgsnapchat1-e1494468640148 Lan Paje, a sophomore majoring in computer science and journalism, told USA TODAY College, he initially applied for the The Point Guys (TPG) internship via the careers’ page. But after a several weeks, he never heard back.

So, he did some digging and found the company’s owner had a Snapchat.

“I knew I had to get my resume in the hands of a decision maker, so I decided to find a way to contact Brian Kelly,” Paje said. “I realized that he actually personally ran the TPG Snapchat account during his various travels, so I decided to screenshot my resume and send it to him via Snapchat’s chat feature.”
Paje to USA TODAY College

And it worked! Kelly responded asking Paje to email him directly. The company had already decided on their summer interns but took the time to interview Paje.

They ended up making room for him. Paje will be working in TPG’s editorial section in New York.

Learn more about how he landed the internship by clicking here.

Side Note: When applying for internships, Paje wrote two versions of his resume – one for journalism opportunities and another for computer science opportunities. This allowed him to tailor his resume toward those job interests. Just a tip.


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