Poynter: 10 ways your resume can stand out

It’s quite amazing how a couple of pieces of paper can make an impact on your future.

Sure, you have your typical steps of completing a resume that includes double checking your spelling and maybe including your references.

Those are important, but this 2012 article from Poynter Institute for Media Studies is still relevant today. It’s a detailed and comprehensive look into what the hiring process looks like.

Please take the time to read it. Here are the 10 tips, but make sure to read the complete breakdown by clicking here.

  1. Read between the lines of the job description.
  2. Get your vanity search in order.
  3. Have a personal website
  4. The cover letter should tell two stories, and both should be “fascinating.”
  5. There’s more than one way to skin a resume
  6. Assume the hiring manager is following you on social media
  7. It doesn’t hurt to have a mutual colleague recommend you
  8. A little follow-up doesn’t hurt
  9. The best interviews feel like a great conversation
  10. Every hiring manager is different

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