Current Washington Post reporter started out as a Nebraska newspaper intern

Before Jenna Johnson was a reporter for the Washington Post, she was an intern.

The Norfolk Daily News recently wrote a shout-out piece to Jenna. After all, she was an intern with the newspaper back during the summer of 2004.

The current White House beat reporter had just wrapped up her freshman year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications before starting her internship with the Daily News.

Jenna’s reporting project was to spend time with Amish families who recently moved to the area.

Their lifestyle was unfamiliar to many longtime residents, but Jenna accurately and interestingly captured it in a series of articles for this newspaper.

It was one of those front-page stories on the Amish that has been framed and adorns a wall of her apartment in Washington, D.C.
Norfolk Daily News

She recently returned to Lincoln, NE to speak at UNL and made time to see a former Daily News colleague. During that time she offered the following insight into her career:

— When she was assigned by her editors to be the reporter covering Donald Trump early in the Republican primary campaign, Jenna said no one really thought it would be that long of an assignment. The conventional wisdom was that he wouldn’t be in the race for long. As we know now, that presumption proved incorrect.

— The tradition at the Post is that after a reporter is assigned to a presidential candidate, he or she sticks with the candidate for as long as he or she is in the race. And if the candidate wins, the reporter then becomes part of the White House reporting team. That’s what has happened with Jenna.
Norfolk Daily News

Check out the rest of Jenna’s conversation with the newspaper by clicking here.


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