Don’t do these 10 things with your resume

Don’t bother writing an objective. Other applicants are most likely applying for the same reason as you!

At least, that’s what the Poynter Institute for Media Studies recently concluded. Staff read 160 resumes and came across common mistakes.

Here are the top 10 things NOT to do:

  1. Spell our name wrong.
  2. Have a work objective.
  3. Copy and paste in another news organizations name.
  4. Lead with how you’ve always wanted to be a journalist.
  5. Try too hard to sound smart.
  6. Get your tone wrong.
  7. Not knowing where you are applying to.
  8. Quote historical figures.
  9. Blather on.
  10. Exaggerate.

For a complete breakdown on each mistake, read Poynter’s full article here.

Note: Internship deadlines are tweeted out daily. Follow @JInternships on Twitter for the latest application deadlines.


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