Trump’s inauguration address written by former newspaper intern

That roughly 18-minute speech was written by the same man who served as President Donald Trump’s senior policy advisor during his campaign. He served as an opening act during many of his campaign stops across the county. He wrote his Republican National Convention speech.

His name is Stephen Miller. And before Trump, he was the press secretary for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) and Congressman John Shadegg (R). He was the communications director for Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

s_bottomTEMP900x420-2202.jpegPhoto courtesy from Santa Monica Observer

But even before that, he was an intern.

David Ganezer, the editor-in-chief of the Santa Monica Observer, a weekly newspaper in the California city, wrote a piece recalling the former intern from 16 years ago.

Ganezer described Miller as “serious” when he was an intern back in 2001. He was a student at Santa Monica High School at the time who requested to write editorials for the publication.

The editor-in-chief wrote:

Even then, he was serious, cerebral, quiet and studied. It was hard for me to take him seriously, he was so serious. I mean, at 16, shouldn’t you be thinking about baseball or girls, instead of Hegelian dialectic and critiquing “Common Core” educational policy?.

While in high school, he wrote an op-ed voicing his opinions about his school.

According to, he wrote:

“That is why scarcely a student at my school covered their heart when the national anthem was played in the September 11th memorial, but instead of finding error in that, our school found error in our attack on Afghanistan. The school newspaper condemned our military response. Administrators, worried students might become patriotic, were also quick to preach non-violence. Osama Bin Laden would feel very welcome at Santa Monica High School.

If you feel, like me, that political correctness has crossed the line, call the school or the district. Ask them to leave their liberal agendas at the front gate. Enough politics, it’s time for common sense.”

While he attended Duke University, he wrote bi-weekly columns for the Due Chronicle. According to, he gained national attention when he defended Duke lacrosse players who were accused of rape.

Miller clearly has a long history of being outspoken. Read more about him from Ganezer by clicking here.


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