The Balance: Summer intern applications are in…now, it’s time for the interview

Now that the deadlines for summer internships are upon and you have turned in your stellar resume, what could be next to land the internship you want?

The Interview. (No, not the one with James and Seth)

Most likely, you will have to head to the media outlet for an in-person interview, or conduct one via Skype or phone. This part can be nerve-wracking. But the more prepared you are, the more confident you will be.

Make sure you have your outfit picked out for the interview. And also it will help to emphasize your past accomplishments when appropriate. But back them up with examples.

For a breakdown of these tips and more, check out the ones offered by The Balance.

You might have your typical questions like, “Why would you want to intern here?” And you might have your curveball questions, “Tell me a joke.”

Wait. What? Yep, that question has happened during an internship interview.

For more on common and tricky questions, check out an old, but still relevant, Forbes article.

Usually, toward the end of the interview, you may be asked if YOU have any questions. You should have at least a couple of questions in mind to ask. This way, it shows your interest in the position.

For ideas on questions to ask, check out this article by Monster.


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