Summer intern deadlines are upon us. Here’s what to consider when applying…

It’s that time when internship applications for summer semesters are due. (You can check out the internship deadlines in the top 20 markets on this blog).

It doesn’t hurt to apply to as many as you can find, but what do you do when you receive multiple offers? How do you narrow down your choices? How do you decide?

There are many factors to consider. The Huffington Post recently listed seven of them to help assist you in making your decision. You can see the full breakdown here.

  1. Which company has the most name recognition?
  2. Is it paid?
  3. What’s the company success rate of internships turning into a full-time job?
  4. How many days/hours in a week will you be interning?
  5. Will you have access to the executives?
  6. Are you interested in what the company is known for?
  7. Where is the internship?

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