So, your internship didn’t become a job. Now what?

It’s not over. Your summer internship might be. But the potential to get a job is not.

There are possible external factors – that are not within your control – that contributed to no job offer. Or maybe, it’s time to reflect. You’ve gained experience. Now what do you do with it? You’ve built contacts. Now what do you do with it?

Either way, don’t beat yourself up. There are positives to this.

The Business Insider offers some tips to help you through this transition. J-Internships agrees with all of them:

  1. Put the situation in perspective.
  2. Think about the experience you’ve gained.
  3. Consider the fact that it may be a blessing in disguise.
  4. Get a recommendation
  5. Stay in touch.
  6. Ask for advice.
  7. Don’t write it off as a failure.
  8. Seek out a mentor.
  9. Express your gratitude.
  10. See if and how you can help.
  11. Star planning your next step.

Check out what they have to say about each one here.



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