The skills a millennial needs to land the job

When you have an internship, you can determine whether or not it’s a field you want to do for the rest of your life. Sometimes, you realize it’s not for you.

Or you can picture yourself committed that role. But how do you get the job?

Corlis Murray, senior VP of quality assurance, regulatory, and engineering services at Abbott, recently answered that question on Fortune. He has years of experience in working with interns with Abbott.

He says to Fortune: Internships are fantastic ways to learn about the field you’re considering. If they’re quality, they’re going to be tough, demystifying—and meaningful. If you find you like the toughness, are happy with the day-to-day, and are impassioned by the impact the line of work offers, you’re going to want to land a job in that field.

There are just three ways to get the job. One is to find your “cheerleader” or someone who can root for you when applying for the job.

See the rest of his detailed response here.


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